Banned Site List Poll

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Banned Site List

Which of the following banned sites at StCashUnlimited, My-PTR, DreamMails and OldAmsterdamPost would you like to see permitted as advertising? These sites were banned for an unacceptably high number of complaints based on the content of the paid to promote pages. This poll is a review of whether the complaints are still valid. Should the votes favor a site or sites being re-allowed, the banning may be reversed. If you do not want to see any of the sites advertised, please select None of the above. Only one vote per person is required. Thank you!

Allow RentaMails
Allow XrayCash
Allow XrayEmails
Allow CashDesks
Allow All Except RentaMails
Allow All Except XrayCash
Allow All Except XrayEmails
Allow All Except CashDesks
Allow RentaMails and XrayCash
Allow RentaMails and XrayEmails
Allow RentaMails and CashDesks
Allow XrayCash and XrayEmails
Allow XrayCash and CashDesks
Allow XrayEmails and CashDesks
None of the Above

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