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Locked out AGAIN!!!
Huh  Confused Everything that I click that is on your server has locked me out! This includes showcase, infofriend, summerslam, bluerose, you'vegotads, even fcvn's site yourptrclub! Anything that I have on other servers is fine. Am I holding my teeth wrong, or is your server practicing it's April fools jokes early? Comcast says that this is coming from your server,that our equipment was configured properly. HEEELLLPPPP!!!!!!
I will write to Renee.

Please let me know your my-ptr username and/or the IP address that you are using that is being blocked. I could not locate an account with the same username as your forum username.
(11-22-2019, 08:04 AM)Mabelcef Wrote: Help   Had a lovely visit in here the other day and tried to come back yesterday but I seem to have been locked out again.  I always keep my setting so Im logged in all the time but this time it asked me for my password again.  Tried to put it in and even on first attempt it told me Id tried too many times. Ive tried to log in a couple of times today too - youve locked me out good and proper.  

Greetings to all, hope someone will let me in soon...please



In order to assist you, I will need your My-PTR username.  No account was found that matches your forum username or either IP address associated with the forum account.
(11-24-2019, 12:47 AM)Joanngen Wrote: Ok……   Whew…….  

I actually was able to get back in.  

My Dropbox wasn’t syncing my password manager’s master password file… so I was looking at an old copy.  

Also the email address I had for “admin” wasn’t the one I thought it was supposed to be.

But I got it all sorted now.  

By the way……  if I really did get locked out of my admin account for good…..  What would I do?

One precaution I took:   I made my normal user account a “founder” too.

No account is associated with your username or IP addresses listed.  I do hope you are using the words "admin account" incorrectly as any attempt to access the admin area for any of my sites is grounds for immediate account termination.
Well as stated above I got locked out of my account and my evil email address spammed and deleted the new password email. So until I figure out how to fix the problem Im stuck as Marethyu.

Im still for the Spellcasters in the war though

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