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Request free upgrade
Request your Free Upgrade at My-PTR Here!

Please note: I do not stack upgrades at this time, so if you have a paid upgrade, it would be better to just keep that upgrade as it would have more monthly ads than the free upgrade.

Why is My-PTR offering a free upgrade?

The member base has declined over the last 2 months and I wanted to do something to do a minor relaunch of the site.  This seemed like an appropriate time as the site now allows most countries to join.

What comes with the free upgrade?

Contest Paid to Click / Contest PTC: 100 Clicks (x2)
Contest Paid to Click / Contest PTC: 250 Clicks (x1)
Banner Impressions Advertising / 1000 Banner Impressions (x2)
Banner Impressions Advertising / 5000 Banner Impressions (x1)

How can I request the upgrade?

You can request it by posting your username in a response to this message (registration is NOT required to post in the support forums at GlobalFriendsOnline) or through a support ticket at

How do I claim the monthly ads?

Use the "Submit Upgraded Ads" link under the "Ads & Upgrades" drop down menu on the site. The direct link is

Didn't you already offer a free upgrade?  How can I tell if my account already has the free upgrade?

I offered a free upgrade rather passively in the spring of 2007.  A lot of accounts that have never purchased an upgrade that have been a member from that time might already have the free upgrade.  On the Enter page (located at, if your page reads "Your upgrade level is Free Member", then you already have the free upgrade.  This is also how you will know if I have given you the upgrade.   

The original free upgrade came with 500 banner impressions, so this is a step up from that upgrade.  To keep things simple, I am keeping the free upgrade name "Free Member" so that I won't have to change all of the existing accounts with the free upgrade.

How long will it take to receive the free upgrade?

I will try to respond to all upgrade requests within 24 hours.

What are the activity requirements for the free upgrade?

Free upgraded accounts have the same activity requirements as a regular account with a free upgrade.  One log in is required every 90 days.  If you submit your ads each month, your account should never become inactive. Please note that if your account has issues (ie. invalid keywords, issue with selected country and IP country not matching), this might delay your account's upgrade until the issue is resolved.

When will the upgrade end?

For members, it is lifetime unless you cancel your account or are deleted for inactivity or have some kind of account violation.  If you opt to upgrade to a paid upgrade, you will lose that upgrade, but can re-request if your paid upgrade ends and you do not wish to renew it.

This upgrade is good until there are 1000 active members.

Effective April 27, 2010: Free upgrade requests can only be made after the account is one week (7 days) old. 

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