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20% off PayPay, PayZa and Serve - March 4-31, 2018
March 4 - March 31, 2018

All PayPal, PayZa and Serve purchases are 20% off!  All purchases also count toward the purchase/redemption contest, ending on March 31.  Please note that on site redemption options are not a part of this sale.

Sites involved:

Prices are reflected on the payment gateway pages.  This sale includes affiliate pages and upgrades.

The contest stats have been updated on the forum.

Thank you,

Due to PayZa's legal troubles, I am no longer able to accept PayZa. The sale is still valid for Serve and PayPal.
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the problem is not on your end.
The pics are no longer on the hosting site, or they have been moved to another directory and the link needs to be revised.

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If we change the password "now" will we also have to change it again when you enforce changes? I recognize passwords will only be valid for 1 year after this is implemented but will I have to change twice this year?

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Just pick the name of the local hospital and add 16 to the end. Next year change the 16 to17.

I was going to add an adjective before hospital, but that wouldnt be PC.


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