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Everytime I start surfing this morning this site comes up so I cannot do anything.  My security also says it has malware.
I only surfed a few sites before this happened.
Thank you for your help in this matter.
Is it completely freezing your browser? Would you be able to use the Report Site function? I do personally test each site as they are submitted, however if things are added after they are approved, there is no fail safe for catching those with the exception of the user enabled Report Site function, which will alert me to the site causing the issue for a second review.
The site breaks the frame so there is no way to report it that is why I gave you the address.  It is still happening.  Everything was fine last month.
Whichever site caused it more than likely redirected to that site. The link provided is not in the rotation at OldAmsterdamPost. I'll try the surf today myself to see if I can find the site in question.
After around 40 pages surfed, I had a site break out of frames. I saw the initial site prior to the break. I've suspended that domain until their issue is resolved. Please let me know if the issue persists.
Thanks for your help.  It worked okay yesterday.  I am way behind in the contest since I had a hard time surfing.  Have a great day.

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