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Suspended and Deleted Accounts
Two posts will be made in this topic per with accounts that have been suspended during the month and one on or just after the 1st of each month with the deleted account list.

I do not list self-canceled accounts.  Accounts suspended for inactivity are listed for reference only...inactivity is by no means a "Hall of Shame" action.

All other suspension types will be listed below.  Other types of suspension include bot usage, proxy usage (including Web Hosting companies, corporate IPs, college IPs and VPNs), cheat link clicking and bad keyword selections.

Accounts suspended for inactivity can be restored an infinite amount of times as long as the account holder contacts me to have their account restored within one calendar month of the suspension.

Accounts suspended for keyword violations can be restored 3 times.  If the keywords are not corrected after 3 restorations, the fourth suspension will be permanent.

Accounts suspended for bot or proxy use are permanently suspended and will not be restored for any reason.
January, 2018 Account suspensions

Accounts listed here are only suspended for violations of the terms of service and will not be restored.

January 3

Proxy user
Accounts deleted February 3, 2018

Accounts suspended in February, 2018

February 3

Keyword violations

bot user (don't check this!)
delete my account (don't check)
i will cheat (don't check this!)

Country or proxy issues

Used a banned browser.

Last used IP is a proxy

Last used IP is a proxy

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