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Closing out old New Surfer contests
The New Surfer contest plugin generates a monthly e-mail to the winners with a unique link to click to claim the prize.  This is the preferred method of claiming the ad prize as it credits instantly once clicked. 

This topic is to credit members who did not click the link in that monthly e-mail that are due a prize.  These are normally manually credited by myself by the 15th day of the month after the prize goes unclaimed for one calendar month.

January's unclaimed ad prizes are credited in March. February's in April. And so on.

Please note that I do not have the option of resending the e-mail with the credit link.  If you cannot find the email, please rest assured your prize will be credited during the next calendar month.  I do not process the manual credits any earlier than the first day of the next calendar month.

This is a continuation of the thread from GlobalFriendsOnline.

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Closing out old New Surfer contests - by Heather - 01-08-2018, 08:04 PM

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