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Full Version: Affiliate page odd warning
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The following affiliate page showed the message below.

You have reached this page for one of the following reasons. If the link you clicked was a paid mail link, most likely the link received the clicks paid for, and has been deleted from the system. If you clicked a link on your member menu, and got here, it's because the url in the menu was typed wrong. Please contact me and let me know which link you clicked to reach this page. your old admin used to send you to her Search Engine portal JDseek when you hit a bad or mistyped url. All this page is telling you , is that the url or paid mail no longer exists. Url's for pages are case sensative so if it's looking for a page called withdraw.php and the url in the menu points to Withdraw.php you will get this error page. If the paid mail doesn't exist anymore, you will land on this page. This happens when you aren't that active and are clicking old mails which require just 100 clicks or so. Just move on to the next mail. The one you clicked to reach here, will not be re-sent the next day.

Please submit this through the support ticket system. I'll be closing the forums for the sites I no longer own soon.  The new owner has full access to the support ticket system.