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Why is my account set to Site Inbox Only?


If you have stopped receiving e-mails to your e-mail address, but are still getting them in your on site inbox (, your account was changed from Email Address (or Site Inbox And E-mail Address) to just Site Inbox.

This happens when an excessive amount of e-mail are bounced. E-mails get bounced for many reasons...mailbox full, provider error, reported as spam, server time out. If the reason is because the domain has been reported for spam, I try to resolve the situation myself. However, there are times when the e-mail provider is unwilling to change the status. There are also cases where the e-mail provider that is marking the site as spam is not in English, which makes it very difficult to find the proper channel to report that the site is not sending spam.

The solution? You can try to use the address again, however it may be set back to Site Inbox if too many bounced e-mails are received. You can leave it on Site Inbox and read the messages on the site. Or you can change the e-mail to a different e-mail provider.

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